Camping #1 "KYIV"

-300 places for motorhomes and caravans on a green grass -Asphalted camper-ground for 50 places
-Tent camp
-Cars and motorcycles parking
-Electric outlet 220V
-Showers, water supply, toilets facilities
-Washing machine
-Swimming pool (15 May – 15 September)

-Small café on the Camping site
- Souvenir shop
-Assistance in organization of sightseeing and cultural programs
-Wi-Fi Internet
-Bicycle rent

Besides you will have an opportunity to use extensive infrastructure of unique architectural and park ensemble of National complex “Expocenter of Ukraine”, which was opened in 1958: -
Great exhibitions and cultural events program
-Over 170 hectares of forested area
-More than 30 kilometers of pedestrian and bicycle paths -About 3,5 hectares of lakes

You may be interested in a great numbers of restaurants, open-air cafes, grill-houses, also equestrian base, child’s side-show and much more.
Not far from our Camping located:
-Metrostation “Exhibition Centre”, “Ippodrom”
-Race Track
-Ice Stadium
- The biggest ukranian skansen “Pirohovo”
-Several shopping malls and recreation centers

We are open from 25 April to 25 September.
Dogs allow
Information and reservation: Tel.: +380662833599, +380975520663 E-mail:
Skype: CampingKyiv

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National complex "Expocenter of Ukraine" Entrance to the territory from Akademika Zabolotnoho St, 11, Holosiivs'kyi district, Kyiv city, Ukraine
Kyiv, Ukraine, Ukraine


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Camping #1 "KYIV"

National complex "Expocenter of Ukraine" Entrance to the territory from Akademika Zabolotnoho St, 11, Holosiivs'kyi district, Kyiv city, Ukraine
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